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Built on a foundation of Toys and Animation, Alpha Group is redefining the traditional toy pattern and delivering a greater play and entertainment experiences for kids of all ages.

Alpha Animation and Toys Ltd is wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha Group (Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co., Ltd), one of the largest and most successful animation, toy and entertainment groups in Asia.


Established in 1993, Alpha Group Co., Ltd. (Alpha), has grown into one of China’s largest and most successful animation and entertainment groups. Alpha has grown by leaps and bounds and established itself as a pioneer in the toy and entertainment industries globally.

With the headquarters in Guangzhou, China, Alpha Animation and Toys Ltd now have offices in Korea, Latin America, Europe (France and Netherlands), United Kingdom and United States of America, where our global hub for Design and Marketing is based.

The Alpha Animation and Toys, United Kingdom subsidiary, is made up of a small team headed up by General Manager, Mark Slater-Hyndman.


Backed with digital and television content, Alpha owns a number of exciting and strong brands, targeting children of all ages. Brands such as our RC toys and top intellectual Pre-School line, globally, Super Wings, have seen Alpha Animation and Toys establish national brands and work with many of the top global retailers.

Alpha recently announced more brands to their portfolio coming end of 2018 and in 2019. Working with DHX Media, to create the global toy licence for its action-packed sci-fi competition series Massive Monster Mayhem, and with Nickelodeon, to produce a full range of toys, collectables, plush and novelty items for SpongeBob SquarePants, who celebrates is 20th anniversary in 2019 with his BEST YEAR EVER!


With state of the art design, manufacturing and animation facilities, we deliver unparalleled innovation and animation content, providing a strong foundation for our toys and licensed products for kids and their parents.

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